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The true cost of getting into wargaming - Infinity Edition

When you get into any hobby for the first time there are hidden costs. Well, wargaming is no different, and I'm going to walk you through how to get started and how much it will really cost you. This will assume you are just starting out and have no previous tools.

So you want to get started with Infinity. It's a fantastic game, and can be a lot cheaper than other games in the genre. But how expensive can it get? VERY. I've gone down the rabbit hole... but if your smart you can get away with minimal expenses. We are going to look at starting a 300 point army with some terrain.

The rule book: $0

All of the core rules are free. You can either download them as a PDF or use the incredibly useful rules wiki. No need to buy the $100 rule books unless you want the lore and the artwork.

Unit profiles/army builder: $0

This is also all free! Other games make you purchase rule books for each faction/army you decide to play. Some require you to buy cards, some of which only come with certain units (and that unit might be in a different faction or be a fairly useless unit or a unit you should probably only have 1 of). In Infinity the army builder is free and it also conveniently links you to the wiki when you have no idea what that special skill in your units profile is. Have no idea what Neurocinetics is on a Helo Militia? Just click the skill in your army bulider and the wiki opens right to the right page. Very cool.

Tokens: $0-50

There is a PDF on the official website with all the tokens you need to play. You can download this and print them all off at work for free as long as your boss doesn't care about you using the paper/ink. Or... you can go buy the terrain packs for around $30 which come with a bunch of tokens. Or.... you can go online and buy tokens from many third party companies. I personally like Warsenal's stuff. They average $1 a token, but they are magnetic and really pretty.

Models: $100-150

Often there is a 250-300 point box for certain factions available. These can be themed boxes like

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