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Infinity New Releases preview!

There has been a bunch of new product recently, not including Defiance. I'm still fairly new to the game and learning what everything does, so take the following as just a personal view from a rookie Infinity gamer. Without further delay, lets check out the new releases for Infinity N4.

February saw the release of a couple of Booster Packs for O-12 and Combined Army along with a handful of blisters (Aida Swanson, Nagas, Uxia McNeill) and a new terrain kit. Lets focus on the blisters first.

Aida Swanson:

Aida is no longer human but an imposter from the Combined Army who has taken over her identity and is so deep in it that she doesn't even recall who she used to be. A very cool character whos' dossier is actually pretty sad. The new model is the third release to my knowledge including the Defiance exclusive, the ITS tournament exclusive, and now the standard release. Out of the three I own the Defiance one, but the regular release is actually my favorite. The pose is more relaxed, but powerful. She looks very nonchalant, but aggressive at the same time. Ready to wreck some face!

Her profile is interesting and seems pretty decent for 23 points. Looking at her basics she has a SMG with an extra burst which is really fun! AP/Shock ammo with 13 damage and burst 4? Yes please! Looking at her profile she seems like a good mid-fielder with a BS of 12 which is not fantastic but still decent with SMG use. Martial Arts L2 with her 19 CC isn't going to win any awards against many of the close combat specialists out there, but it is going to make a lot of mid fighters sad. Mimetism -3 and stealth are decent defense boosts. But where she really gets fun is with Viral mines and Booty! Booty is going to be amazing with some of the things she could pick up. Upping the Mimetism to -6 will be fantastic for pick off cheerleaders. Having a monofilament CC weapon would be really good too! But what I would really like the MOV 8-4 with her stealth so she can really get across the field quickly and easily to run interference. Sadly she does not have any specialists skills, so no button pushing for this lady.

She can be found in a few different sectorials which is quite interesting. Tohaa and Neo Terra are the ones I'm most interested in as a 23 point mid-fielder that can run interference for your core/harris groups.

Uxia McNeill:

Uxia and Margot have pretty much became my main reason for starting to pickup Kosmoflot. Uxia is such a cool character with a fantastic dossier that has me grinning from ear to ear while I read it. She's this bad ass chick with a bad attitude and a hard exterior. There are now 5 models with the most recently release, and they just keep getting better and better! For me it's hard choosing a favorite, but the new one is really cool with her SMG strapped to her back and two pistols drawn. The tactical rock (mouse droid?) is a bit unfortunate but I love the hood and detail on her armor and cloak. This is a really cool mini. The Defiance version is going to be pretty awesome too!

As for the profile, I honestly think she's going to be an auto-include for me. Not only because I have a crush on this fictional character, but because her profile kicks some serious ass! 27 points is a steal in my opinion! First she starts the game with infiltration and camo state, and when you take into account that you can really spam the field with camo using Ariadna she is going to cause a bit of a shell game. She is very agile with dodge +2", stealth, total terrain, and mimetism -3 which is going to make her pretty hard to pin down. She has no armor or BTS protection tho, so she will probably die really quick. To me she is a firs turn alpha striker used to clean up some cheerleaders! Or a late game specialist to push buttons on turn 3. Using D-charges and smoke grenades on her Spec Ops profile she can clean up some objectives pretty easily. But nothing will be more fun that revealing and popping off her shotgun on a core fireteam on turn 1 with surprise attack! Then, if she's alive, going frenzy on turn 2 and cleaning house!


Finishing up the blisters are the Aleph Nagas. The Naga has been around for a while with a few different mini. To be honest I don't really like any of them. The Sniper is okay, but the new hacker is a definite upgrade to the take a knee version of before.

The profile tho... Well it's another midfield fighter! They can start pretty much anywhere on the field and in a marker state which is always powerful, especially with specialist options available for pushing buttons early. The hackers would be where I would draw my focus too with the shock mines and strong WIP skill of 14. I would probably ignore the sniper as there are better options available in the faction. But monofilament mines on the 30 point profile are pretty scary and something I would want to try out.

Next post we will look at the booster boxes!

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