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Infinity Defiance - Unboxing and construction - Wave 1

Defiance is a kickstarter project from Corvus Belli which was a victim of the 2020 Pandemic. It was supposed to come out in the summer of 2020, but with things like lock downs, factory shut downs, and other logistical side affects of a global virus causing countries to shut down the game was delayed. When I first got into Infinity a year ago I was lucky that it was right before the late pledge closed on Defiance, and with the skirmish game being so bloody fun and the mini's being so cool and with it looking like an Infinity version of Star Wars: Imperial Assault... I had to have it! I went for the full Collectors bundle, opting not to go down the crazy rabbit hole of getting all the reinforcement boxes and sleeves and and and and.... well last week the first wave of product arrived at my door step! Now that I have it all constructed and have started on the priming stages I'm going to showcase what I think so far.

The shipment box was a bit lighter than expected, but still contained all the goodies I expected! I spent the first day double checking to make sure everything arrived and punching cardboard. The first thing that impressed me was how well thought out the box design was. Everything has a place! I had a few extra baggies in storage that I needed to get everything separated the way I wanted, but for the most part they give you everything you need to organize the game. The box has a tray for all the map templates and connector tokens. There is a perfect space for dice, base markers, character boards... The only thing that seems to not have a prespecified spot is the rounds board and the ship board.

The foam trays for the mini's are very nicely made and there seems to be enough spaces for the remaining mini's coming in wave 2 for every mini to be properly protected. I was worried it would only have enough spaces for the wave 1, but I'm pretty happy about this development since I have so many mini's coming out of the walls that there is really no where for me to displace these! So aside from the Megaldoron and the Scenery Pack everything fits nicely into the two main boxes.

Speaking of the Scenery Pack, I was not expecting this level of detail from plastic. CB has pretty much always done metal minis aside from Aristeia! And while Aristeia! mini's are very well done these doors and consoles really prove that CB knows a thing or two about how to do minis. The detail in them is very nice, hardly any mold lines, and they just look fantastic.

The real king of the set tho is that Megaldoron... This thing is massive! You've seen pictures of it online next to regular sized troopers, but until you see it in person you have no idea how intimidating this thing looks next to normal sized mini's. Even my Jotum that is sitting on my work bench next to the Megaldoron is tiny in comparison. The detail on this thing is just marvelous too! But I'm pretty curious how it's going to be to paint, I think this one is going to take a while due to all the incredible details and the crazy size of the thing!

After seeing the quality that CB can do with plastic I would honestly have been pretty happy for all the mini's to be plastic. They have proven that they can create some outstanding mini's out of the medium already. That being said tho...one of the draws for me to the game of Infinity was the metal minis, they are a beautiful and just a joy to work with. Some people find them a pain compared to plastic, but personally I love them.

But...there are a lot of them and it's going to take a while to assemble them all. Or not. It took me 3 nights of about 2 hours each to get everything built. Most of the minis came in 2-3 pieces and they assembled with ease. Only a few of them where the torso to hip connections required a bit more care for prep before assembly. The little Taigha creatures being the only ones that really frustrated me and were just not that fun to put together.

There are a lot of cool sculpts here, and I'm not sure how many are truly new sculpts as I only recently started collecting Combined Army, but there are some really fun ones here. I'm partial to the Jatyh's, Speculo Killer (especially the male version), Sheskiin, Gwailos, Cadin, and the alternative Uma.

So what about the other components? There are a lot of tokens here, and while they did

upgrade a few to plastic I feel like making even more of them acrylic would have been a very nice bonus. The bleeds specifically as they will be handled constantly would be great. The dice look amazing in the translucent plastic and you get a set of the clear and the regular Aristeia! dice. The map tiles could have borrowed a page from FFG and fit together like puzzle pieces. With the boards not being secure to each other during play I could see them shifting around which is one of my pet peeves for dungeon crawlers. Finally, there are tokens for every mini in the game. I haven't fully read the rules/campaign book yet, but it appears that if you wanted to open the box and get playing right away you could!

Overall this is a fantastic package, and while I haven't played the game yet I've already have experienced hours of enjoyment! I guess it's a good thing there is still a lockdown in place locally as it will give me time to paint them all up, and to do that I will be using primarily Contrast paints from Citadel... because there sure is a lot to tackle here!

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