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Citadel Contrast paints + Infinity Models

I have a love hate relationship with the contrast paints.

When the line first came out I gave it a try and used it on some X-Wing stuff. I wasn't overly impressed and didn't really look at the models after that. When starting on Infinity I tried the paints out on a Warcor. I didn't mind the completed look, but felt it a little cartoony and I much preferred the look I got with more traditional methods.

That being said I started to buy more Contrast paints to use as glazes and washes as I found they work really well over parts I paint in something like Army Painter silver metallic. I also found that they are really good for things like hair or other natural fibers. In fact I pretty much used the contrast paints exclusively for hair since I first tried it.

When my son and I got into Aristeia! I wanted to get some models painted, but wanted to do it quickly enough that we could have at least a few contestants done up for the game board. These turned out quite well and the cartoony look of the finished models seem to fit the setting quite well. It does require a bit more finesse than regular paint, ie I found that if your painting a black base coat and go over a sash you want painted red, your going to have to touch up that sash with the primer colour first. The nice thing is that it really speeds up the process and I was able to bang out 3 models in about 90 minutes.

So it got me thinking... I bought into the Kickstarter for Defiance which comes with a metric shit ton of Combined Army miniatures along with some other characters etc. from other factions. I also found myself drawn to Onyx, a Combined Army Sectorial, recently and well... I could always use more TAG's. I wondered if I wouldn't mind contrast paints for Defiance and Combined Army...So what did I do?

Buy a TAG or two of course! I applied the primer and got to work on a few Combined Army models. I had an Avatar painted and table top ready 60 minutes after I finished construction... Since I'm 2 hours into a Pano Tiklabang right now and it's almost ready for table top (but not for the showcase I'm entering) the contrast method is at least twice as fast. The next day I did up a Unidron, a Raicho, and Ko-Dali... all in just over 2 hours.

They got a very different look than the rest of my armies but I don't really find them as cartoony looking as the Aristeia! characters. They are presentable after just a pass with the contrasts, good enough to play with, but close inspection reveals my sloppiness. But 4 models in 3 hours, and three of them big lumbering TAG's with a lot of different shapes an angles is pretty impressive. Compare that to my Spiral Corps army which I usually dedicate 2-3 hours per model. That being said the difference between say my Seraph and the Avatar is very apparent.

I think the contrast method fits the Combined Army quite well and I'm pretty excited that I can power through them so quickly. Maybe it won't be 2 years until I can finally play Defiance (after it shows up)... maybe we can get into it within a few weeks...

So at the end of the day, the contrast paint is just another tool in the belt for painting minis and getting different looks. and it really does bring out the fine details quickly as seen in Ko-Dali's armor. Aside from her face I'm actually really happy with how this model came out with just contrast paints... that Turquoise paint is just a joy to use!

Oh, and I only used one brush through the whole process. Mostly because I find the paint is rough on brushes so I was using my number 3 Amazon special brush (Fuumuui) that I grabbed a while ago just for base coating... and I find it actually worked pretty good for this, but the tip is done and I'll have to get another one to fill this role soon. But for $20 CAD for 5 brushes..that's aok with me.

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