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2020 in review - 2021 thoughts

2020 was a roller coaster hey? So with the cliche of all the other blogs doing the in and out post, here's mine.

2020 in gaming for me was a pretty strange year. with 2019 closing out I was getting bored with X-wing. I went and participated in the Phoenix System open in 2019 for X-wing and took part in a few other larger tournaments throughout the year making my first cuts. But I started to loose passion for the game because I was focusing more on the competitive aspects than the fun. At the end of 2019 I grabbed my first airbrush and really started focusing on painting.

So in January I was bored at work one Saturday and had a 25% off coupon for a local shop. I was going through their inventory for something new to paint, and I came across Infinity. I went down took a look at all the kits they had and came home with the Icestorm starter kit. I instantly fell in love with the models, then after watching some youtube videos really started to get interested in the game. I looked up and special ordered a few other models and then played my first Infinity game...at the Colder than Carbonite Satellite tournament. I won 2/3 games and felt pretty good about it finishing in the top half coming in as green as possible. and that was that. I was hooked. X-Wing has officially been pushed down to a secondary game.

Even with the pandemic there was a lot of new games played in my home and with friends this year, a few stand outs:

- Star Wars Outer Rim

- Aristeia!

- Rallyman GT!

- Battletech Alpha Strike

- Tokyo Highway

Now these were all positive, aside from Rallyman GT! I traded away Formula D for this game and I regret it. I wanted a game to play with my son as he loves racing games and I thought it would be more interesting than the same track that we just kept playing in Formula D. But instead the mechanics just didn't feel as fluid and didn't like how it played compared to FD! Our solution was to merge the rule sets and just use the Rallyman tracks instead.

I started this blog, but it hasn't been the most active. in fact most of my activity has been on instagram, I'll be working on more regular content for this page in 2021.

Speaking of 2021...where do I think hobby and gaming will be taking me? Well for starters more Infinity! I want to start doing reviews of terrain kits and focus more on improving my painting. I can't see there being much X-wing stuff anymore, but as long as my locals keep playing I will as well. Right now I'm on a B-Wing kick and I'm determined to make my Dark Side Leia list work.

However, I really need to organize my office and get my creative space in a better place. It has just started overflowing with kits right now and it's not the best workspace anymore. So January 1 I will be spending most of my time cleaning house. Putting some stuff away, purging, and making room. My Defiance kickstarter will be landing any day now, so I will need the space to make that happen!

I also will be picking up my first Gunpla kit this weekend. I've been an anime fan since I was in elementary school and I've built a couple back then, but I want to take another crack at them now.

So the plan for 2021 on this blog will be coverage of: Infininty, Defiance, Gunpla, Battletech, Aristeia!, and X-wing. More reviews, more strategy, more content!

Bring it on!

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