Hello, I'm Luke. I've always been into gaming of some kind throughout my whole life. I stated playing table top games back in elementary school starting with Battletech. From there I moved onto Magic: The Gathering which I played for years.

I took a break from gaming in highschool to focus on music and girls. I played Mechwarrior for most of it's run before switching back to music and photography as my main hobbies.

In July 2013 my son was born. I stopped having time and ambition to keep a band together or to keep up with my fashion photography so I turned back to gaming with X-wing. I made great friends in the Edmonton, AB community over the past 6 years.

The best part of gaming in my life has been the ability to adapt it to what is going on in my life day to day. Unlike music where 3-4 other people rely on me weekly to be there to practice, or photography which has given me deadlines to rely on I can do this at my own pace. If I need to take a week or two off I can. It allows me the flexibility to play and paint as needed.

I started this blog to journal and share my gaming adventures. Thanks for coming by and checking it out.